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Craig Anthony Miller

The art of Brooklyn native Craig Anthony Miller (aka “CAM”) finds influence in stylized stained glass art, and also in the street art that has dominated New York City's boroughs for years—CAM creates works that transpose natural images atop mixed media foundations. CAM is also an accomplished muralist with large works on display throughout New York City.

Arthur Perez

Arthur Perez is a fine artist from Los Angeles, California. His style hovers above hyper-Chicano with a huge dose of pop weirdness thrown into the mix. Many of his recent paintings start with thrift shop found art which he adds his own elements to, or simply uses for their amazing frames in which the existing canvases are his to completely cover over to produce his own original work.


Jason Palmeri


Jason Palmeri is a Brooklyn based artist inspired by the beauty of urban chaos. Influenced by pop art and street art culture, Palmeri uses mostly found materials such as leftover house paint and spray paint to begin a process of drip work, layering, and scraping of vibrant colors that prep his canvas. This first step creates a back drop reminiscent of well worn city walls covered in decades of graffiti. Over these abstract landscapes he paints imagery evocative of the difficulties and triumphs associated with city living. The accessibility and humor of his ever evolving style offset the often dark subject matter of his paintings.

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